SiteGard® - Double Leaf Scaffold Gate



Scaffolding can pose several safety and security risks if not properly secured. The Alexandra Security Double Leaf Mesh Scaffold Access Gate is designed to incorporate into any scaffold system and ensure optimum security on your construction site.

Combining simple installation with heavy duty design, these temporary scaffold access gates are the perfect solution to maintain site security and control unauthorised use of the scaffold.

Make it easy for builders and scaffolders to close off non-working levels and decks with mandatory full decking of boards every 2 metres. Provide complete control for your site staff and maintain design load limitations.

Wider apertures such as lift shafts are easily secured with the double leaf mesh gate design, whilst the single leaf gate is ideal for pedestrian areas with high foot traffic or to secure specific hazardous or high-risk zones.

With a range of gate options to choose from, and exceptional stock availability, it is easy to protect your workers and your construction site with Alexandra SiteGard access gates, Manufactured in our own workshops here in the UK.

All of our gates are both reusable and recyclable, so whether you need a gate for a one-off project or are looking for a solution that can work for future sites also, choosing an Alexandra gate can save you money and reduce waste.

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