SiteGard® - Bi-Folding Double Leaf Mesh Gate


If site entrance space or ground clearance is an issue, the SiteGard Bi-folding Mesh gate is the solution to your site security. The bi-folding design is combined with heavy duty construction to create a temporary yet effective gate that fits seamlessly into your site entrance and exit. Sloped ground or limited space are no longer an excuse for sub-standard security.

Manufactured in our own workshops, you can choose from our stock of 6 metre or 8 metre gate options, allowing you to collect and install your security gate the same day.  

All of our gates are both reusable, recyclable and all come with Safety Gate Restrainers as standard. So whether you need a gate for a one-off project or are looking for a solution that can work for future sites also, choosing an Alexandra gate can save you money and reduce waste.

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